LEANtenance Dashboard
LEANtenance Dashboard LEANtenance Dashboard
LEANtenance Dashboard LEANtenance Dashboard
visualized & interactive data
All your data at a glance, visualized and interactive, to drive better performance.
Visualization helps to grasp difficult problems, to identify new patterns, to unravel complex relationships.
Interactivity enables to filter and drill your way down from the big picture to the root causes.
your data within your domain
The Dashboard supports more than a dozen data sources including Excel, SQL and SAP.
We do not offer a cloud-based solution, we do not ask you to trust us with your data.
We offer a solution that works directly with your data within your domain.
your data, your way
Our Dashboard Designer enables you to shape the data into the most insightful form. For this, you don't have to be a technical expert. The Dashboard Designer provides an intuitive UI that facilitates data binding, shaping and layout design.
Many of these normally complex tasks can be accomplished with simple drag-and-drop operations, allowing you to start creating dashboards immediately. Our solution comes with comprehensive documentation.
design it once, display it anywhere
Both the Dashboard Designer and the Viewer are available as desktop and as web based solutions. Check out our online demos:
more reliable data with less effort
Often data is not readily available to be visualized. Multiple reports have to be combined, the data must be transformed.
Usually this is a repetitive process with set business rules and it's performed manually (e.g. with Excel).
That is the system of human interfaces. The most expensive, most error-prone system.

Our solution can automate those tasks. It provides the capability to apply complex calculations.
This eliminates defect opportunities and can free up considerable amount of capacity.
On top of that, this facilitates a review of the data flow. Thus, more reliable data will be available with less effort.
what we offer
Instead of a pay-to-use model (per user, per month, per dashboard etc.) we charge a one‑time fee. It includes:
  • the solution ("as is");
  • the documentation ("as is").
Optional continuous support:
  • technical support;
  • maintenance & feature updates;
  • maintained documentation;
  • (can be terminated at any time).
On-demand services:
  • consulting;
  • initial involvement;
  • on-site and online trainings;
  • customization;
  • software development.